Partner Pick-Up Program

Partner Pick-Up Program

Working with local business to end hunger in our communities

Every day thousands of pounds of food product are saved from becoming waste thanks to Feeding Southwest Virginia’s Partner Pick-Up Program and over 300 local businesses.  Product that local food sources would otherwise be forced to discard are picked up by the Food Bank’s local partner programs and distributed free of charge to less fortunate individuals in our communities.

Over 154,000 people in Southwest Virginia are classified as food insecure.  Since we accept safe, consumable food that you might normally be forced to discard, supporting these neighbors is an easy investment in the social and economic strength of our community.

If you are a business interested in donating to Feeding Southwest Virginia, please contact Kitty Tabor, our Food Resourcing Manager.

Kitty Tabor, Food Resourcing Manager, CFR

(540) 342-3011 ext. 7024, or send her an email